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COVID-19 Supply Chain Delays – One Year of Evolving Disruptions

Worlds cannot express our gratitude to our customers who have been patient with us during this past year with chaos in the marketplace.  We appreciate every single one of you and we are grateful to be healthy and working during this pandemic.

You have all heard the same story on the news, supply chain disruption for consumer goods and services due to increased demand and/or reduced supply.  In the beginning of the year it was a run on toilet paper, then it was chip makers and auto manufacturers who had to close their factories due to supply chain disruptions.

The parts we make here at Berk Technology Inc. have suffered the same delays and disruptions from the COVID19 pandemic.  We are seeing a ripple effect of delays happen as one supplier goes offline, this effects many suppliers downstream.  In several of these cases, Berk Technology is one of these suppliers in this chain.

Our welding production in Santa Ana, CA has been largely quiet as we sit and wait for raw materials to make product.  After hitting several road blocks, we do have catalytic converters en route to us now.  What was supposed to be a late May delivery, now looks to be a late June delivery.

We expect some of these supply chain problems ease as we get further into 2021.  In the mean time we hope that you all stay safe and can return back to our “new normal” after this pandemic is under control.

All the best,

Bryan Berk

Berk Technology Inc.


  • Thomas K says:

    Thanks for this update, Bryan. Did the delivery make it for late June, or are we looking at some more delays?

  • koniszewski2 says:

    and what has turned from late May to late June has turned into late September. What is going on? I’m certain the businesses you distribute to are patiently waiting to fill their 5+month old orders. honestly at this point I hope there are cancellations because it’s getting ridiculous. These aren’t expensive silicone chips that have 300% increased demand. The covid shit has turned into bullshit.

    • Bryan says:

      Hi, we are very sorry for the delays. We understand your frustration and hope to get through our backlog of orders as quickly as possible.

      • koniszewski2 says:

        It’s okay it happens and I appreciate your response. Looking forward to having your parts on my vehicle soon.

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